Urban art routes in Covilhã

17 Apr 2018 in  Public Art

The Municipality of Covilhã offers an Urban Art route.

Urban art gallery of Lisbon

Apr 17, 2018

The Municipality of Lisbon, within the scope of the Urban Art Gallery in the city of Lisbon, offers several routes through the city, as well as the identification of the city’s urban art sites.

It’s been 100 years, Poças!

May 04, 2018

Poças celebrates 100 years with a programme dedicated to culture.

In the year it celebrates its 100th anniversary, Poças will promote a number of initiatives related to art and culture, revealing new talents and honouring the concept of family legacy.

The cultural programme includes literature, music, public art and theatre. For each of these areas, an artist was invited who, in addition to being also the heir of a family talent, currently represents the past, present and future of their art.

With regard to literature, the choice fell on the young writer Afonso Reis Cabral, winner of the Leya Award in 2014 with the novel “O Meu Irmão” (My Brother). He is a great-great-grandson of Eça de Queiroz, but genetics, on its own, does not explain everything. Afonso found his own way and he is today one of the promises of Portuguese literature, with the launch of a new book scheduled for the end of the year.

“Respect for art and culture is one of the greatest legacies left by our great-grandfather. Maybe because, for us, making wine is just that: an art form and a living asset of our culture. That is why, on the occasion of our centenary, we want to honour it on several areas, identifying people who, like us, are reinventing a family vocation.”

– Pedro Poças Pintão, 4th generation of the Poças family

From the performing arts, inspiration came from Tomás Wallenstein, identified as one of the voices of his generation. Son of a lyric singer and a double bass player, his talent was also revealed in music. At 26, he is the voice of Capitão Fausto, one of the most influential bands today, who this year are adding a new album to their portfolio.

A symbol of a generation is also the artist Artur Silva, currently known as Bordalo II, artistic name that he chose to honour his grandfather who was a painter, promoting a continuity and reinvention of his artistic legacy. Moving away from classical painting, public art would become the stage chosen for his explorations of colour, currently focusing on questioning the materialistic society of which he is (also) a part.

On another stage, the curtains open to reveal not one but several family talents. It is at the Teatro do Bolhão that ACE (Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo) stands as one of the main schools of performing arts in the country, training generations. Grandparents, parents and children act together, showing that Theatre is alive and still plays an important role in shaping society.

For each of these areas – literature, music, public art and theatre – several events are scheduled, including many free events for the public, inviting everyone to celebrate the centenary with the company. All the information will be posted on the online channels of Poças, especially on the website 100.pocas.pt, which besides the information on the centenary is intended to become a cultural meeting point.

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One Strange Rock: Bordalo II Creates an artwork for National Geographic

Apr 17, 2018

Inspired in the new National Geographic series, One Strange Rock, which looks at the history of Planet Earth told by astronauts, the artist Bordalo II challenges his own view of the planet in the creation of an art installation built with plastic and garbage found by fishermen in the municipality of Cascais and elsewhere. About 4 metres wide, 8 metres long and 2.5 metres high, using about 300 kg of waste collected in three days, the artwork was created with the aim of alerting to the importance of protecting our oceans and that this is the only planet where life is known to exist.

Bordalo II
Urban Artist