Poças, what a concert!

05 Jun 2018 in  Music

Poças, what a concert!

May 10, 2018 was the date on which Tomás Wallenstein joined the remaining Capitão Fausto for an exclusive concert by Poças. With their unmistakable sound and chords, the band performed live in Lisbon in an intimate concert for an audience of 200 people, among guests and fans who participated and won a competition launched on the brand’s social media. At the end there was an unprecedented meet and greet with the band.

All the unique moments of that night were closely followed by Poças. Wines and cocktails for all tastes were served to the audience to ensure that the first official event of the centenary had a great kick-off.

Capitão Fausto releases new single: Sempre bem

Jun 05, 2018

Capitão Fausto returns with “Sempre Bem”, the first single of the album “A Invenção do Dia Claro”.

The track was recorded at Red Bull Studios São Paulo in December 2017, by the hand (and ears) of Rodrigo “Funai” Costa.

According to the band, “from the beginning the album was intended to include the idea we had of ‘Brazil’ in our usual way of making music. It was never our intention to make it the way Brazilians do, but to seek an appropriation to some more specific sound or melodic elements, taking them from their usual context to serve our songs. The lyrics speak of the relationship with routine, the complexity of human relations and the inexorable fatalism of love.”

Expectations are high for “A Invenção do Dia Claro”. The album has a release date estimated for the last quarter of 2018.

Congratulations, Capitão Fausto!

Crédito Francisco Pereira
Tomás Wallenstein
Capitão Fausto Lead Singer

9º Festival Porta-Jazz

Nov 29, 2018


Porta-Jazz Festival positions itself as the Portuguese promoter of unique collaborations between jazz musicians. It is the meeting point, in Portugal, for an international movement. From 1 to 9 of December, Porto is the stage for the largest edition of Porta-Jazz Festival so far. Around 30 concerts including premiers, exclusive artistic collaborations, a reunion of music schools, workshops and jam sessions will be part of this year‘s program.

Across nine days, the city receives more than a hundred Portuguese and international musicians, and dozens of music students at several concert halls including Teatro Rivoli, Casa da Música, FEUP (School of Engineering from Porto University), Passos Manuel, ESMAE (School of Music and Performative Arts) and a special concert at Cedofeita Church. The festival will also present concerts at Porto‘s jazz venues Hot Five, Casa de Ló and Sala Porta-Jazz.

These concerts will present the work of a new generation of artists, established composers and interpreters, with special attention dedicate to musicians based in Porto and their collaborations with other Portuguese and international musicians.

It will be a celebration of jazz open to everyone, in which interaction and exchange of experiences has an important role. Every night after the concerts, the public is invited to Clubedo sessions where they can experience the atmosphere of some of Porto‘s jazz venues. These sessions will offer exclusive concerts, jazz trios and most importantly, jam sessions open to the general community of musicians whose encounter on stage will echo the creativity and dynamic of Porto jazz.

Porta-Jazz Festival happens annually in Porto since 2010. It has a crucial role in the cultural activity of the city, having become a necessary reference for jazz in Portugal.

Coming out of the work developed by Associação Porta-Jazz and its editorial arm with Carimbo Porta-Jazz, this festival is an opportunity to listen and experience the beat of a highly creative community of musicians who make a huge contribution to the dynamic of Portuguese cultural activity.

More informations here.

Poças, here are the pictures from the concert!

Jun 22, 2018

Poças, what a concert! Take a look at our photo gallery of the fantastic Capitão Fausto concert at Capitólio in Lisbon. An exclusive concert that kicked off the celebrations of the 100 years of Poças.
It was an intimate concert for 200 people. Giveaways, wines and cocktails were served to everyone, providing a lively and relaxed atmosphere.

Crédito Francisco Pereira
Tomás Wallenstein
Capitão Fausto Lead Singer