After their success in Lisbon, the intimate concerts by Pierre Aderne had their debut in our new visitor centre, in Vila Nova de Gaia. 

Rua das Pretas is a musical and wine gathering that fosters interaction between the audience and Portuguese and foreign artists. The place chosen for its first “Rua das Pretas” concert in Greater Porto was the new visitor centre of Poças, which supports the initiative in conjunction with Niepoort and Soalheiro. The first session was on the 15th of this month and new concerts in the future will take place at Poças cellars.

In each session, the past, present and future of Portuguese culture are celebrated with melodies of bossa nova, folk and jazz in their purest form, without microphones or amplifiers. The breaks are filled with good moments of conversation, accompanied by a glass of wine that inspires and brings the participants closer to each shared experience and musical key. Pierre Aderne invites the artists to use the place chosen for the concert as if they were at home.

Together, the three brands – Poças, Niepoort and Soalheiro – will be present in each session with a selection of white, red and Port wines, accompanied by a table of bread, cheese and sausages especially selected for a unique evening.


Where: Poças Cellars | Rua Visconde das Devesas 224, Vila Nova de Gaia

Admission: 30.00€ (via Ticketline and Airbnb music. Tickets are limited)

Information/Reservations:  and

Poças, what a concert!

Jun 05, 2018

Poças, what a concert!

May 10, 2018 was the date on which Tomás Wallenstein joined the remaining Capitão Fausto for an exclusive concert by Poças. With their unmistakable sound and chords, the band performed live in Lisbon in an intimate concert for an audience of 200 people, among guests and fans who participated and won a competition launched on the brand’s social media. At the end there was an unprecedented meet and greet with the band.

All the unique moments of that night were closely followed by Poças. Wines and cocktails for all tastes were served to the audience to ensure that the first official event of the centenary had a great kick-off.

Poças gives new flavors to afternoons at Mirajazz

Jun 23, 2018

Wednesday is for Jazz, Poças!

Until late October, lively jazz afternoons also happen on Wednesdays, live from Mirajazz, next to the river Douro, in Porto. The initiative is powered by Poças, in the context of the celebration of its centenary.

Sun, Jazz and a café terrace with a privileged view on the river Douro. The scenery usually drawn on Mirajazz terrace on weekends and bank holidays can now be seen also on Wednesday afternoons, with live music, until the end of October.

Mirajazz opens its doors at 12pm and closes at 9pm, with concerts starting at 5.30pm. Relaxed afternoons are promised, ideal for a break from daily routine. Admission is free.

Visitors can find some new options on the menu at special prices. In addition to Coroa d’Ouro White and Red, usually by the glass, in this place where you can breath music, there is also Poças Tawny tasting at 2.5€ and a Tonic Port prepared with Poças Dry White at 4.5€. Thinking about tapas lovers, it is suggested to combine Tonic Port with the Special Mirajazz Toast or Tonic Port with smoked ham from Beira or cheese of Azores. The prices of these pairings vary between 8.50€ and 10€.

Where: Mirajazz, Escadas do Caminho Novo, 11, Porto

Poças, here are the pictures from the concert!

Jun 22, 2018

Poças, what a concert! Take a look at our photo gallery of the fantastic Capitão Fausto concert at Capitólio in Lisbon. An exclusive concert that kicked off the celebrations of the 100 years of Poças.
It was an intimate concert for 200 people. Giveaways, wines and cocktails were served to everyone, providing a lively and relaxed atmosphere.

Crédito Francisco Pereira
Tomás Wallenstein
Capitão Fausto Lead Singer