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ACE Teatro do Bolhão

Theater group

ACE – Teatro do Bolhão was created in 2002 and consists of a group of eleven professionals with artistic direction by António Capelo, Glória Cheio, João Paulo Costa, Joana Providência and Pedro Aparício, who were later joined by António Júlio.

The company, based in the iconic Bolhão Palace, has a synergetic relationship with ACE – Escola de Artes, now running for 25 years, incorporating young professionals trained in a work team in constant renewal.

Since their debut show in 2003, Teatro do Bolhão promotes an eclectic and multidisciplinary model of production. Since 2010, the company has been running an Educational Service that promotes a continuous and organic relationship with its the region through workshops, labs and workshops, and also the Portable Theatre, which performs plays in schools based on literary works taught at different levels of education.

Unlike other categories, where an individual talent is identified, in the Theatre the collective is privileged, showing the dedicated work of a group of teachers.