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It’s been 100 years, Poças!

After a century dedicated to the art of wine-making, we want to celebrate the most varied forms of art, with a cultural programme including music, theatre, literature, public and urban art. Welcome, the show is about to start!


Our Artists
ACE Teatro do Bolhão
Theater group
Copyright: Elisa Trusso
Afonso Reis Cabral
Bordalo II
Urban Artist
Crédito Francisco Pereira
Tomás Wallenstein
Capitão Fausto Lead Singer


The next events


O Douro, as vinhas, o terroir, as nossas quintas, o centro de visitas em V. N. de Gaia, o passado, o presente e os projetos e sonhos para o futuro. Tudo isto é abordado…

2018: A year of top wine news

The wine launching that we held this month in Lisbon was very special, as we used the celebration of the centenary of Poças for the launch of top quality DOC Douro wines. Branco da…